Amber’s Army – “Boot the Bills!”

Even a small donation could help Gerald Hughes (Ret T33 Capt. Jerry Hughes) reach this fundraising goal for his niece, Amber.

If you are unable to make a donation, it would be great if you could share the fundraiser to help spread the word.


In the Spring of 2021 Amber Pluzycki was diagnosed with paraganglioma, a rare tumor growing from the carotid area of her neck, behind her ear, up into her brain. After hearing her diagnosis the world stopped for this 21 year old. Her days are now filled with multiple doctors appointments, diagnostic testing, bloodwork and more. After meeting with the best specialist in the Chicagoland area the decision was made to operate. The surgery was done at Rush University Medical Center and lasted over 11 hours – performed by a team of surgeons. Most of the tumor was successfully removed and a feeding tube was placed.

After the long and exhausting surgery Amber’s road to recovery was quick to begin. She had a weeklong stay in the hospital where she could recover and relearn her basics such as eating, swallowing and talking. Now almost 2 months postop Amber is improving greatly – her feeding tube has been removed, her vocal cord muscles are getting stronger and her spirits are better. Even though she’s only in the beginning of her recovery journey the bills are already starting to pile up. Our family’s doing all they can to support her but it’s simply not enough. Amber is a loving aunt, godmother, daughter, sister and friend. She truly has the most genuine and beautiful heart. As she puts the pieces of her life back together her main focus should be on recovery. The last thing she should have to worry about is her bills.

So we are asking you to reach into your hearts and help her rise above the setback. From the bottom of our hearts we truly thank you…

With our appreciation. The committee  (Jerry Hughes – CFD Retired, Karen Pluzycki Fuss – AMA, Marissa Pluzycki Paluch – Palos Health)
and the Pluzycki Family!