Committee Members
Brian Kehoe (6-5-10, 3E)
Matt Straley (A-33, EMS-3)
Kevin McManus (E-44, 3C)
Jeff Brenner (6-5-6, 2E)
Scott Koziel (T-38, 1C)
Paul Jedrzejak (Retired)
Dennis Warfield (E-35, 3D)
Dave Bresnahan (Retired)
Matt Adamik (5th-D, 3E)
Arlett Payne (4-5-3, EMS-4)


E: [email protected]


Election Committee Meeting Minutes
Election Meeting – Minutes – 2024 – 04 – 009
Election Meeting – Minutes – 2024 – 03 – 005
Election Meeting – Minutes – 2024 – 02 – 006


Upcoming Constitution and By-Law Resolutions for ballot:

Article XV.6 Chief Steward
Adds the Chief Steward to Constitution and By-Laws.


Article X, Section 9.B.6 – PO Box Language
This would change language regarding who secures the PO box and adds new language that addresses who and when the PO Box can be accessed.


Article VIII.3 Publication of Updated C&B Book
The proposed amendment introduces Article VII.3 to ensure the publication of an updated Constitution and By-Law book every four years, or whenever substantial updates occur.


Article V, Section 1.A & Article V, Section 5.A – December Nominations
This would change the nomination month from January to December and increase the amount of time to mail the ballots from time of nomination from 50 days to 75 days.


Article VI, Section 3.A & – Exempt Election Committee
This change would exclude the President from being a member on the Election Committee.


Article X, Section 9.B.f & Article V, Section 5.C – Extended
This would change language to increase the amount of time between when ballots are mailed until they must be counted. It will also adjust the language that sets a deadline to count ballots for runoff elections.


Article XI, Section 1, Section 1.A.a, and Section 1.C – In Person Voting
This change would define the process for in person voting during Union elections.